More than a Game

School Bus

For the past 50 years, students from Holland Public School District have been provided with swimming and water safety lessons as part of their school curriculum. This amazing program provides students Kindergarten through 5th grade with two weeks of swimming

School Bus

instruction each year. Earlier this afternoon, one of these 5th grade classes finished up their last lesson with us.

To celebrate their hard work, our team decided to spend the last few minutes of their lesson playing a game of sharks and minnows in our diving well. As this simple game progressed, I couldn’t help but feel a great sense of pride and gratitude for this 5th grade class, for our hard working and dedicated instructional team and for those that started this program many years ago.

It may seem like a simple water game, something rather insignificant, but what this game represents is an entire 5th grade class that could swim safely in deep water. It represents, hours of hard work by a team of instructors whose main goal is to provide this community’s kids with the skills and knowledge to be safe in and around water. This simple game, represents our benchmark of success, 100% of 5th grade students being able to swim safely in water deeper than they are tall!

Jesse Luyk
Instructional Program Manager