Fitness Classes

Our great team of instructors offer a variety of fun, full-body workouts to keep you moving and improve your wellness! Group classes are available both in the water and on land.

Classes Offered

Power Up Strength

Power Up Strength is a full-body workout designed to help improve muscle strength by incorporating dumbbells, kettlebells, and more. Mix up your fitness routine and challenge your entire body! Plus, get the added bonus of an awesome core work and short burst of cardio through out the class.

Deep Water Aerobics

Deep water (12 feet+) aerobics provides maximum resistance for a great low-impact workout. This platform increases muscle tone, building strength and flexibility in an aerobic capacity. Working against the water with your body submerged challenges you to move using only your muscles and joints.

Move & Stretch

This NEW free-form class combines stretching and mobility for the whole body! The workout balances your routine with additional flexibility training to prepare you for the day ahead. Step onto the mat for a gentle full-body workout.

Shallow Water Aerobics

Shallow Water Aerobics provides a great cardio workout. Raise your heart rate and maintain a faster pace while also increasing your flexibility in a low-impact environment. Water is up to 12 times more resistant than a workout on land so this is a different full body workout.

Water Works

Water Works uses warm water exercises to release tight muscles and lengthen tissues. Exercises focus on balance, range of motion, core stability and posture. This class is ideal for those with arthritis or joint problems and helps make daily tasks easier. Use the water to support each movement so you can continue to move freely.


HAC Yoga classes are designed for participants of all abilities. Learn more about the art of yoga through a calm and relaxing environment while channeling energy to develop your skills. This class will create a quiet and meditative place for your physical and mental health. Join Tracie for classes on Monday and Friday or Amy G for class on Wednesday.

Personal Training

HAC offers experienced coaches who create unique training programs, nutrition guidance, or strength and conditioning development for your individual health and fitness goals. Interested? Visit the link below to schedule your assessment or contact us with your specific training needs.