Universal Change Room

“Our universal change room provides a number of privacy options to everyone who visits HAC. People with reduced mobility, people of all gender identities, caregivers, parents with young children, teens, adults — they all can access separate, private cubicles and use a locker, all while in the same space. We’re meeting a real need for all who visit HAC with this new kind of space.” – Jack Huisingh


UCR = Space for All!

At Holland Aquatic Center, our Universal Change Room (UCR) provides an accessible and inclusive space for every member and guest. And while those two goals — accessibility and inclusiveness — are paramount, so is privacy and safety. With HAC’s UCR, all of these goals are realized in one space.

The UCR meets the needs of a variety of users, such as families with young children who require more assistance, or an individual who requires gender anonymity. Simply, this area allows for flexibility so every user can change into, and out of, swim or workout apparel with the comfort and ease afforded in a private cubicle or shower room. Then, they can choose a locker, secure their items, and enjoy every aspect of HAC.

The UCR Features

Showers, Restrooms & Changing Areas

  • 24 private changing cubicles
  • 6 private shower stalls
  • 19 open (suit-on) showers for pool patrons
  • 9 private restrooms
  • 3 accessible private restrooms with private showers
  • 1 accessible private change cubicle


  • 342 lockers (full, ½ & ¼ sizes), day-use only
  • 6 baby change stations
  • 4 vanities
  • 11 sinks
  • 2 suit “dryers”
  • 2 drinking fountains

Universal Change Room Rules


  • Patrons are required to remain clothed unless in a private change cubicle, private shower or restroom stall.
  • No nudity is permitted in open areas.
  • All lockers within the universal change space are day use only. A fine will be charged for items left overnight.
  • Photography and video recording are strictly prohibited.
  • Ensure that all personal belongings are always secure. HAC is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.
  • Please report any suspicious activities to a staff member immediately.
  • Please be respectful of those around you.


What is the Universal Change Room (UCR)?

The Universal Change Room provides a more accessible, safe, inclusive, and private space for all members and guests, especially for families with young children and those who require gender anonymity. The design of this space allows for flexibility so that both individuals and families can change into and out of swim or workout apparel with the comfort and ease afforded by a private cubicle or shower.

Can I enter the UCR with someone else who is of a different gender/sex?

Yes, the universal changing area is designed to allow for this. There are private change cubicles, private showers, and restroom stalls for users once inside the UCR.

What is a change cubicle? Is it lockable?

A change cubicle is a private stall for users to access to change their clothes in private. Yes, the private stall cubicles, private showers and restroom stalls can all be locked.

Can I leave my belongings overnight in the UCR?

No. All lockers located within the universal change area are day ues only. Items left behind will be relocated to the lost and found where they are kept for a month.

What is acceptable attire when in the open spaces of the UCR?

Fully clothed, swimsuits (one or two-piece suits and swim trunks/board shorts) and athletic wear (this could include a sports bra).

What is the purpose of the open showers?

The open showers are to be utilized by patrons who are using the pools. All swimmers are required to rinse off before entering the pool. This helps keep our pool environment cleaner and healthier. Nudity is strictly prohibited in the open shower area and a swimsuit must be worn at all times.

Can I rent a locker in the UCR?

No, the day-use lockers are available to all free of charge. We are not currently renting lockers in the UCR, but that may be an option in the future.

What is unacceptable attire when in the open spaces of the universal change area?

Undergarments (boxers, briefs, fashion bra or underwear) and, of course, nudity.

Where do I find a change cubicle for people with limited mobility/in wheelchairs?

The universal change area has one change cubicle to accommodate people in a wheelchair. It is close to the three private restroom stalls that are also wheelchair accessible with a sink, toilet and shower.