Visitor FAQ


Do I have to be a resident to use the HAC?

No, everyone is welcome at Holland Aquatic Center!

Who is considered a resident?

Anyone living in the Holland Public School District contributes to the HAC operation through their taxes and is considered a resident. Residents receive discounted rates for daily fees, memberships, facility rentals and program registrations.

How can I prove residency?

Please bring a valid ID with you and show it at our front desk. Acceptable forms of ID include government-issued driver’s licenses or state IDs, a rental or lease agreement, or a tax bill. Documentation must include your name and the resident address.

Who can be included in a family membership?

A “family” for membership purposes is defined as one or two adults residing in the same dwelling along with any of their children (dependents) of whom they have legal custody. This definition does not include other relatives regardless of whether they live in the same dwelling or not. Identification may be required to determine a common address.

If I buy a single visit pass can I leave and come back again?

The single visit pass rate is valid for one visit only. If you leave the facility you will be required to pay for re-entry.

Do I have to pay to go into the pool area even if I’m not swimming?

Yes, anyone passing our front desk must pay admission. We require an adult guardian within arm’s reach of a child under 42″ tall. If your child(ren) are at least 48” tall, you may watch from our free viewing area in the upstairs bleachers.


Do you have a family changing room?

Yes, we have a designated family changing room area with private toilets, showers and changing areas.

Do you have lockers?

Yes, but the lockers do not have locks.

We ask that you do not store your items overnight. Long-term rental lockers are available for members who purchase a 12-month membership. Contact us or speak with our front desk staff for more information.

Do you rent out towels and swimsuits?

Towels are available to rent for $2 per towel at our front desk. We do not rent swimsuits.

Do you sell swim diapers?

Yes, for children who aren’t toilet-trained we require either a swim diaper or a cloth diaper with tight-fitting rubber pants. Swim diapers are available to purchase for $2 at our front desk.


Can I wear a t-shirt over my swimsuit in the pool?

Swimsuits are required in all pools. Leotards, cutoff shorts and cotton t-shirts are not allowed. Swim shirts made out of nylon, spandex, or polyester are allowed.

Do you allow life jackets?

Yes, we allow only US Coast Guard-approved life jackets. You may bring your own US Coast Guard-approved life jacket or rent one at our front desk for $2.