We Are HAC! – Reese Meyering

When HAC needs a head lifeguard, Reese Meyering can do that.

When HAC needs a swim instructor, Reese Meyering can do that.

When HAC needs a front desk worker, Reese Meyering can do that, too.

And do you know what else Reese Meyering can do? She can figure skate. And pretty well too!

A native of Zeeland, Michigan (and graduate of Zeeland East – Go Chix!), Reese has been bringing her versatility to work every day at HAC for more than a year now. In recognition of all of her contributions, she was named the April Employee of the Month. 

General Manager Amanda Duimstra tells a story that illustrates Reese’s value and impact.

“Recently some schoolchildren were leaving their swim lessons, waiting in line to exit the building, so I stopped and asked one little girl, ‘What was your favorite part of Swim School today?'” Duimstra recalls. “She turned and pointed and simply said, ‘Her!’ She was pointing at Reese. It was the sweetest thing.”

Whether she’s lifeguarding, teaching, serving, or even ice skating, we appreciate Reese’s positive personality and all-out effort at HAC.


Favorite food: Dill pickles

Favorite TV show: The Office

Favorite place in the world: The beach. Any beach.

Best vacation: A trip to Mexico with my family

Bucket list item: I want to travel to so many different countries, mostly in Europe.

If I could live anywhere, I’d live in ….. London

You would be surprised to know… I play golf. Golf was my main sport in high school.

Biggest fear: Disappointing others 

Why I appreciate HAC: “HAC has a super fun and positive environment. Plus, my coworkers make everything so much better!”


At Holland Aquatic Center, our facilities are awesome and so is our staff. In this We Are HAC! series, we will introduce you to the people who love to teach, coach, protect, serve, and inspire here. Our amazing team, more than 100 strong, is passionate about empowering healthy, connected lives through aquatics and wellness programming.