We Are HAC! – Makena Doxey

If you are a member or frequent guest at HAC, you have undoubtedly met Makena Doxey, one of our friendly guest services representatives. And if you’ve met Makena, you have undoubtedly been impressed with her can-do attitude and cheery demeanor. For the many ways she makes our patrons feel helped and at home, Makena was named the February Employee of the Month. 

“I just really enjoy coming to work and being able to interact with guests of all ages. I have been able to build relationships with so many of our members,” she says. 

Makena grew up and still lives in Hamilton, Michigan. She played soccer for 12 years (defender was her position), is a graduate of the Salon Professional Academy, and is now a part-time student at GRCC in its business program while working full-time at HAC. And even though she loves warm weather (which you’ll quickly pick up on when reading more about her below), she also would only live someplace where there is changing of seasons like any good Michigander.  

When she is not working at HAC, Makena is most likely studying or working out with her brother, Ethan, who also works at HAC. She’s an avid sunset watcher, too. We’re grateful for the many positive ways Makena Doxey makes HAC a sunny place.

Happy to answer any questions!


Favorite movie: Pitch Perfect 

Favorite place in the world: Anywhere on a beach with sunshine 

Best vacation: Florida Keys 

Thing that brings me joy: Spending time with my friends and family 

Bucket list item: Traveling to the Maldives or Europe 

Best advice I ever received: Everything happens for a reason! 

You would be surprised to know… I am actually very impatient. I hope to appear patient on the outside, though! 

Biggest fear: Not being successful 

Why I appreciate HAC: “HAC’s goal to help people in our community better their wellness and fitness is something I believe in. From the youth and high school swim teams, to kids’ swimming lessons, to older people who come here to walk the track or take classes, it’s just really great to see all the ways people use HAC.” 

At Holland Aquatic Center, our facilities are awesome and so is our staff. In this We Are HAC! series, we will introduce you to the people who love to teach, coach, protect, serve, and inspire here. Our amazing team, more than 100 strong, is passionate about empowering healthy, connected lives through aquatics and wellness programming.