A Special Thank You

Coach Lydia and Special Swim Participant
Coach Lydia and Special Swim Participant

On Monday, September 23, the Special Swim class here at HCAC returned for their fall session! This class is only possible because of our dedicated volunteers. Both classes are full and we look forward to seeing the smiles of these special children and our wonderful volunteers in the weeks to come! 

“I volunteer as an instructor for Special Needs Children in the Special Swim class at the Holland Community Aquatic Center. It brings joy to my heart to see these special children in a place where their bodies can be free to move in the water.

The children enjoy the fun in the pool, but as an instructor and a mother of a special needs child, I know this kind of therapy not only gives them smiles, but also gives them the ability to get stronger and have more confidence. I take great pride in being a part of this wonderful program and group of volunteers.” 

Yesenia Tuleja
Special Swim Volunteer