FitKids H20 Receives Support from Holland Junior Welfare League

Holland Aquatic Center sincerely thanks the Holland Junior Welfare League for its generous support of FitKids H2O, a fitness initiative that is designed to help Holland’s school-aged children become more active in the water and on land at HAC. This referral program benefits children between the ages of 6 and 16 in an eight-week program that also teaches them about good nutrition habits. Here at HAC, it is coordinated by Jen Westendorf from our wellness team.

“The women of Holland Junior Welfare League believe swim safety is imperative due to where we live. Considering we live next to Lake Michigan and live in a state with numerous lakes, rivers and ponds, we believe access to quality swim lessons is a basic need in our community, said Lindsey Rautiola, HJWL vice president. “We are proud to partner with FIT KIDS H2O for another year and are impressed with the amount of children their program reaches.”

Thank you, Holland Junior Welfare League, for investing in the health and future of Holland’s kids. Learn more about the program, with a brief description of the program from the program leader, Roberta Dischinger-Smedes: