Learning to Swim as an Adult

Overcoming Fear and Nervousness

As West Michigan residents, we live in close proximity to some of the world’s largest and most beautiful freshwater lakes. There are many ways to stay active in this area, like biking, playing pickleball, golfing, or going for a run. Knowing how to swim is more than just a form of exercise. Swimming is a necessary survival skill! It benefits you and everyone around you when you’re comfortable and safe around water. Read on to see why adult swim lessons at Holland Aquatic Center might just be exactly what you need.

How do you get past the fear, embarrassment, or nervousness of not knowing how to swim as an adult?

Revel in it, accept it, own it, and get used to it. You might be surprised to find that it’s not that uncommon for adults to lack basic swimming skills. One study found that more than half of all Americans (57 percent) either cannot swim or don’t have basic swimming skills. There are lots of reasons why people might wait until later in life to learn how to swim: Disinterest, cultural background, opportunity or access issues, family or individual history, and physical health and wellness. You are not alone in being a stranger to water. Accept that it may feel strange and uncomfortable at first. After just a few swim lessons in a safe, accepting, nonjudgmental environment, you’ll be amazed by the progress you’ll make and the confidence you’ll build.

Just remember: It’s normal to get nervous, embarrassed, or frustrated when you try something new. If you are a perfectionist, try to reflect on and challenge the “all or nothing” mindset that can make new activities difficult. It’s normal to be worried about what others might think when they see your beginner swim strokes. Just remember that nobody is expecting you to be a professional athlete after you take swim lessons. In fact, most people probably are worrying about their own insecurities and likely won’t notice yours.

What can you do to be more comfortable in the water?

Take swimming lessons! Adult swim lessons at Holland Aquatic Center are a great place to start. Whether you’ve never dipped a toe in the pool or have completed numerous triathlons, we offer adult swim lessons that will make you feel more comfortable in the water, improve your stroke technique, or develop your efficiency and speed in the water. If you don’t know how to swim at all, start with our adult beginner swim lessons. This is a small group class that helps adults feel comfortable in the water while learning basic water safety skills. Holland Aquatic Center adult swim lessons are ideal for those wanting to overcome their fear of water and learn the basics of swimming.

Should I take group swim lessons or private swim lessons?

After your introduction to swim lessons at Holland Aquatic Center, you can decide how to proceed. With group lessons, you’ll be on the same track at the same time as everyone else in the class. The instructor is able to modify the curriculum for each student to a certain extent, but a private one-to-one lesson is all about you. For some people, the personal attention feels like too much, too soon. For others, it’s exactly what they need to succeed. Private lesson instructors teach based on their own experience and individual qualifications. Private lessons will be focused on your needs and will move at your pace. No matter what format you choose, keep in mind that becoming a successful swimmer takes time and patience.

How do I sign up for adult swim lessons at Holland Aquatic Center?

Registration is easy! Just call Holland Aquatic Center at 616-393-7595 or email us at info@hollandaquatic.org.