Everyday Update September 2019

The Design Team (architects, aquatic consultants, construction manager, HCAC staff, and HACSPA Board members) has been actively meeting over the past several weeks to further develop the design parameters around the community goals for the project. We are in the schematic design phase of the project and that will take us to the end of this calendar year. The team is thoroughly investigating existing systems (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, roofing, building envelope) to understand what is in place and what will need to be replaced or upgraded. The team is also developing floor plans and exterior designs that will incorporate the various components outlined in the Everyday Project (see the Strategic Improvement section above) while improving the user experience once the project is complete. We will provide the community a chance to view the progress near the end of October.

Once the schematic design is approved by the HACSPA Board in December, we will move forward into the design development phase (much more detailed drawings) followed by generation of the construction documents in preparation for awarding contracts to multiple trade contractors through the bidding process. We plan on construction beginning sometime in the summer of 2020 with the possibility of advance site work beginning in the spring of 2020. The project is scheduled for completion by the summer of 2022. We know this is a long time to wait; but providing the best facility for the best value takes time; and we know you will be excited about the final product and proud of your investment in an outstanding aquatic center for the community.

Greg Maybury
HCAC Owners Representative