May 2020 Neighborhood Community Update

Last week we received additional direction from the Governor extending the closure of aquatic and fitness centers through the end of May. Although we are missing our members, we remain dedicated to doing our part in keeping our community safe and healthy. We’ll continue to update you as we get further direction from the Governor on when it is safe to open the aquatic center.

Expansion Floor Plan

However with the update last week, we also received encouraging news. Our construction and renovation project is now safe to move forward on exterior work. We will be removing the storage shed on 24th Street and expanding the parking lot west up to Washington Avenue in alignment with the site plans we shared last year.

This important work, approved and funded by voters last May, will be the first visible steps we are taking toward an expansion and renovation that will better serve our community for years to come.

Cconstruction Parking Lot

During the closure, construction will have minimal impact on traffic or street parking. However, when it is safe to reopen, we will be asking our staff to begin utilizing public street parking during operating hours to maximize parking lot space for our guests.

If you have any questions about the expansion and renovation project, please contact our owner’s representative, Greg Maybury by email:

We’re thankful for all of you in the community doing your part to stay healthy, and we look forward to having you all back when it’s safe to do so!


Jack Huisingh, Executive Director
& Holland Community Aquatic Center Team

Our Good Neighbor Commitment

Holland Community Aquatic Center is committed to doing things right. Our plan for construction accounts   for:

Long Term Safety

Our new footprint will ensure safety for pool users and safe traffic flow with clear site lines near neighboring homes.

Construction Safety

We will maintain a safe environment during construction for our neighbors and users. We have plans in place to minimize the disruption to traffic during this  time.

Environmental & Neighborhood Fit

We are committed to maximizing green space, maintaining tree coverage and properly managing rain water while we move our parking lot. Our plans are designed to enhance  the aesthetic of our surroundings, fitting in among our residential, city park and healthcare neighbors.