How I am occupying my time during the COVID-19 “stay at home” order

Hello HCAC fans!

All of us have had to adjust to the new “normal” during these unique times. While my role as “Owners Representative” for the Holland Community Aquatic Center’s expansion and renovation project would usually see me at the site for meetings and supervising any future construction, I have had to adapt to engaging from home as we design and plan for the start of project this spring (hopefully!). The project team consisting of architects, construction managers, HCAC staff, and me have communicated remotely – thanks to technology – to keep the project design on schedule. Using multiple software packages (Microsoft Teams, ZOOM, Go-To-Meeting, Google Hangout Meets), team members have been meeting regularly on-line to share ideas, improve the design, and refine the schedule in order to provide the community with the best possible facility at the best value.

I am so excited for the community at what will be an outstanding aquatic space for families, schools, and regional events! I can’t wait to get started!!  The project will take about 18 months to complete once we get going, followed by a few months of renovations within the current facility. Stay tuned – once the “stay at home” order is lifted or some of the restrictions are relaxed we will be getting underway!!

Greg Maybury
Owners Representative
Holland Community Aquatic Center